ANASTASIA GAKOVA - Contemporary Calligraphy artist, 


I am a passionate calligraphy artist who specialises in the modern interpretation of gothic calligraphy. With my unique style, I strive to bring a contemporary twist to this traditional art form.


Drawing inspiration from various calligraphic traditions around the world, I constantly seek to push the boundaries of my craft. Whether it be experimenting with different alphabets or incorporating modern elements into traditional scripts, I delight in infusing my work with a contemporary flair.  Each project presents an opportunity to create something truly unique that captures the essence of whats written. 


My abstract lettering paintings act as a powerful form of storytelling. Each stroke and curve in the art conveys emotions, narrative, and a personal meaning, allowing your space to become a reflection of your individuality and passions. It's not just a painting; it's a statement, a conversation starter, and an extension of your inner self.


Each painting is a favorite child, and want them all to find a unique, cozy and stylish home