Ode to Georgia 200 x 200 cm

10 000 Dh
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Ode to Georgia (Georgian: ვეფხისტყაოსანი)
3D abstract calligraphy comprised of Georgian letters
200x200 cm, acrylic on canvas,
+ permanent reflective silver paint

After living in Georgia for over a year I asked myself the question: why is there so much graffiti in the streets of Tbilisi, and why so little of it is in Georgian language?

writing exists to leave a mark 

As a calligraphy artist, I decided to explore the shapes & forms of the Georgian alphabet and create an ode to Georgian culture and language 

I combined the famous Georgian tale “Knight in tiger’s Skin” with the modern theme of graffiti, reflecting Georgia’s past, present and future

I believe this artwork provokes people / to reflect on the beauty of Georgia & preserve / its language / & culture.
Georgian Lettering
This canvas is my declaration of love to this wonderful country - Sacartvelo.
A country with incredibly beautiful nature and the hospitable people.
A country where I learned more about myself and my feelings than ever before.
A love Letter written by Fatma to Avtandil from the epic "The Knight in the Panther's Skin"
Shota Rustaveli

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